// “VICTORY “…over Satan, the world, and the flesh…//

“VICTORY “…over Satan, the world, and the flesh…

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…lies not within the power of men, but in a risen Lord.

“Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.” Zechariah 4:6.

How long must we suffer defeat? How long will it take for us to wake up and realize that this divine spiritual battle is very real and wages war against our…

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// Friday Counseling Issues: Abandonment, Part 5//

Friday Counseling Issues: Abandonment, Part 5

Originally posted on Study God’s Word:

A person who has been abandoned, whether physically or emotionally, tends to develop habits of self-harm. Usually, these habits involve substance abuse:  Alcohol, drugs, cutting, sexual promiscuity, obesity. Because he believes he is not worth loving, he doesn’t care much about taking care of his health. 


The tendency to try to bury the hurt and fear…

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// Are this your people?//

Journeys are beautiful, they are a refreshing escape from normality, most times. But she admitted, it was not always so. It was sometimes really a workout and a horror, the very Mare that stole adventures from people, without any need for night time to come. Some become so burned with fright they no longer wanted to travel ever again.

First ofs, public transport is supposed to be a field of the…

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// Very nearly ready with “From My Cold Undead Hand”//

Very nearly ready with “From My Cold Undead Hand”


New YA vampire novel from a great YA author:

Originally posted on the red ant:

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“From my Cold Undead Hand” by Marie Marshall

is a short, fast-paced YA novel.  The story sprang forth from the writer’s (totally not cold or undead) hand as a result of a challenge set to her by yours truly.  We were commenting on the “Twilight” series (who doesn’t) and both of us were convinced each could…

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// The universe of 2020…A negative scenery of today’s era//

The universe of 2020…A negative scenery of today’s era

The fact is clearly deny that we all are born from the mother’s womb and it doesn’t matter at all that we were born from bibi hawa’s ribs or from Hazrat Adam because then it will lead to a very large discussion .When a child first opens his eyes in this world and comes out from the womb so first of all he cries very much because this world becomes quite different from the mother’s womb.For not…

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:) <3 (y) Two men look out THROUGH the same bars; one sees the mud and one the “STARS”:) <3 (y)


:) <3 (y) Two men look out THROUGH the same bars; one sees the mud and one the “STARS”:) <3 (y)

// Review: The Assassin (Solar Wind 2)//

Review: The Assassin (Solar Wind 2)

Another beautiful review by Nikki Mason Another beautiful review by BestChickLit’s Nikki Mason. http://bestchicklit.com/?p=6142 The Assassin – Lyz Russo June 17, 2014 BestChickLit Book Reviews, Young Adult Reviews 2 13503733What they say:‘”Remember who you are!” His sister died with those words on her lips. Something sinister lurks in his psyche. Something that loves killing. Can he complete his…

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// Today Thought ://

” You are the sole master of your THOUGHT processes “ Independence Day (United States)


Happy independence Day to All USA friends and bloggers.

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// "writing struggle"//

“writing struggle”

i have no idea , what i’m gonna write about?
my paper is so empty and totally white
why have i lost my writing appetite ?
i don’t feel alright , but i’m gonna fight

maybe i’ve lost my way , because my hope died
i always messed up , no matter how hard i ‘ve tried
i’m so lost and terrified
and it’s killing me inside and outside

i’m waiting for any kind of inspiration
and my best friend called…

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// " relationships"//

” relationships”

a relationship is a crazy beautiful thing
in a relationship , it’s easy to lose and hard to win
when you start any kind of relation
it’s eaither total happiness or frustration
many relationships aren’t honest , just fake
so don’t be blind , open your eyes and be awake
a break up can give you a bad lasting memory
and trust me , you will need a long  recovery
there ‘s always gonna be ups and downs

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